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Collaboration and Support

I am a lawyer. How can I become a part of this initiative? We have a network of the best experts in the fields of criminal law, free speech, press freedom, and digital rights. You can offer your time and services to become a part of our stellar legal network.

Registering for Legal Aid

Who is eligible for Legal Aid? Anyone who does critical commentary on current issues is eligible for legal aid at the Clinic. Based on this broad definition, the Clinic defends the rights of reporters, multimedia journalists, all media workers and support staff, community media workers, bloggers, cartoonists, and citizen journalists.

Who we are

Who are the people behind the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic? The lawyers behind the Clinic are Apar Gupta, Vrinda Bhandari, Abhinav Sekhri, Tanmay Singh, Sanjana Srikumar, Anandita Mishra and Krishnesh Bapat. The weekly consultations are conducted by Abhinav Sekhri and Sanjana Srikumar. Mr. Sekhri graduated from NLSIU, Bangalore and completed

What we do

What is the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic? The Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic or the DPDC is a one-of-its-kind pro bono legal clinic for journalists in India. DPDC was instituted by the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), keeping in mind the rising threat to freedom of speech and journalistic expression in India.