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Hemant Gairola

What is news? Something that someone does not want to be published. Speaking truth to power. But stories that show the high and the mighty in poor light come with the risk of a lawsuit. Thus they become untouchable and stories about their misdeeds, undoable. But Patrakar Clinic helps journalists

Sayantan Datta (Science Journalist, India)

I booked a session with the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic when I was pursuing a sensitive story and needed to understand certain legal implications around the same. Abhinav Sekhri, the lawyer I spoke to, was kind and patient, and ensured that all my doubts were clarified. I have recommended the


Donate to help sustain our work [https://www.internetfreedom.in/donate]From Akshay Kumar’s defamation suit against a YouTuber from Bihar claiming damages worth 500 Crore to Republic TV issuing a defamation notice to stop Navika Kumar criticizing Arnab Goswami, defamation has become a commonly sought remedy against journalists,


Donate to help sustain our work [https://www.internetfreedom.in/donate] Introduction Advent of technology in the past decade has led to a boom in electronic media. The press, which now includes not only print media but also digital media (e-papers, blogs, digital news aggregators, apps, etc.), has a wider

2021: IFF takes a step towards defending journalism in India

> > > > Internet use in India must be protected by the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution of India. With this as its guiding principle, the Internet Freedom Foundation has been engaged in strategic litigation in order to foster incremental and long term change and impact. In 2021, IFF