Sandeep Ravindranath

We need more lawyers like those at the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic, who demonstrate through their work that passion for doing the right thing is bigger than any money you'll ever earn. A breez

Rajneil Kamath

I am the founder and publisher of Newschecker. Preempting potential action, we wanted to understand the procedure, consequences and recourse available to us. We reached out to the Digital Patrakar Leg

Hemant Gairola

What is news? Something that someone does not want to be published. Speaking truth to power. But stories that show the high and the mighty in poor light come with the risk of a lawsuit. Thus they beco

Sayantan Datta (Science Journalist, India)

I booked a session with the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic when I was pursuing a sensitive story and needed to understand certain legal implications around the same. Abhinav Sekhri, the lawyer I spok

Aishwarya Jagani (Freelance Journalist, India)

I would highly recommend DPDC to any freelance or in-house journalists looking for pro bono legal advice or representation. I attended the first clinic and Abhinav Sekhri very kindly helped me with a